The Art of Mastering Fashions

Things to Consider Before Having Tooth Jewelry Actually, the US..

The Art of Mastering Fashions

Things to Consider Before Having Tooth Jewelry

Actually, the US has started the trend for tooth jewelry and since then, it slowly rise to fame and many different countries follow the trend. With such piece of jewelry, people are using this as another way to express themselves and bring dimension to their smile. Tooth jewel can really draw people’s attention to your mouth every time you smile which subtly accentuates a brighter smile with foolproof elegance.

It is highly advisable to go to a professional to have your tooth jewelry installed. Keep in mind that only professionals are capable of fitting the jewel so as much as possible, to such dentist to ensure that there will be no problems in the end. The procedure is actually quick and at the same time, pain free. The gem of your choice will be applied to the tooth by using strong adhesive glue. Enamel on the surface of your tooth doesn’t have to be prepared or drilled.

Before you move forward with the procedure and have the jewelry fitted, expect that you will first go through a dental consultation to assess whether you need to undergo dental works. Before the gem is applied, any problems found ought to be dealt with. The dentist will ensure that the enamel on tooth to which it is applied is healthy, strong and problem free of course. If your dentist sees that this is not the case, they will be giving alternative locations where it is best to fit the tooth jewelry.

When the dentist is satisfied with both your oral and dental health, that’s the time when he/she will be showing you your options to put. The dentist is going to clean the surface of tooth and the surrounding area thoroughly. The surface will be roughened up a bit to put the gem on it using the adhesive. You will be given with instructions on how to take care of your teeth after the procedure. Say that you do experience any kind of pain or discomfort or if the jewel falls, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

In most cases, the effectiveness of adhesive lasts in keeping your tooth jewelry is 12 months. On the other hand, this will depend largely on where it is installed, what is your eating pattern and your dental as well as oral hygiene on how long the tooth jewelry lasts.

It is integral that you perform enough research on your prospective dentist because their role in this procedure will have a direct effect on the result.